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Basil Bostami and Sons law firm was established in Amman- Jordan in 1963 as one of the leading national law firms.

Bostami & Sons Law Firm is a full service law firm committed to excellence. We are committed to working together to serve our clients in a prompt, cost effective and efficient manner. Successful representation of our clients is not merely limited to careful research of legal issues and the analysis and application of the law to the facts. Indeed, we are always mindful of the issues our clients are face with and are sensitive to the cost of litigation and the economic balancing between settlement and trial.

Over the years, the firm has grown to serve new and varied needs of our clients in a rapidly changing regulatory and business environment. Basil Bostami & Sonsí Law Firm has developed and maintained a strong presence in Jordan for their aggressive defense litigation and legal expertise. They have diverse talents and broad experience in all civil matters. Their diverse talents enhance the firm's competence to handle a wide variety of legal activities.
Our office is fully integrated with state of the art computer and communications network. In addition to our regular law library, our attorneys and staff have access to on-line and digital research tools and can utilize the latest technology in centralized case file management, document preparation and cost tracking. Our office technology has allowed us to lead our industry on the cutting edge of law office technological innovation.

We understand the seriousness of both the legal and business issues our clients face each day and respond with comprehensive, cost effective solutions. Cost controls, competency, commitment, and most importantly, communication are our highest priorities in seeing that our clients receive the best legal representation available.

Our reputation, coupled with careful preparation for trial, allows us to obtain outstanding settlements before and during trials. Otherwise, we go to trial for a verdict to achieve the best possible results. Our skills and experience at trial are widely acknowledged in legal and insurance circles.

We have constructed this web site to inform you of our availability to help if you require the services of a dedicated, experienced law firm in our field. Contact information is provided.


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